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Schedule an appointment in advance! Walk-ins are not accepted.

We suggest scheduling at least one week ahead of you desired visit.


Bring guests that support and respect YOU, and YOUR opinion.

* 4 guests max, including  the bride.


Be open-minded! What looks fabulous on a model or on Pinterest may not turn out to be right for you. Consider all styles when trying on gowns, and trust your Second Summer stylist! You might find that something with little “hanger appeal” looks gorgeous on… and could even turn out to be "the one.”

Surprise yourself!

Our appointments are for one hour which is plenty of time! Whether you come in with an idea of exactly what you want or not, your Second Summer Stylist will select great options for you to try on!

Consider your budget. Money matters! Be honest about what you would like spend, and tell your Second Summer Stylist what that amount is. No judgement here! Keeping it “real” with your budget, ensures getting the most out of your appointment. 


HAVE FUN! Choosing a wedding dress is only scary if you let it be! Come in with a positive attitude, expecting to have a great time!

Second Summer Bride is the sister store to  BLUSH BRIDAL LOUNGE


We consign wedding gowns that are no more than 5 years old. If you are interested in consigning your own gown with Second Summer Bride, please email photos of the front and back and include all purchase information (size/price/year purchased/boutique purchased from) to:



WE do not accept all consignment offers

we prescreen all consignment offers via email first. please do not stop by with your items.

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